Monday, April 30, 2018

BEAUTYCON NYC 2018 | @HairbyShaunda

First off....Please forgive my absence with posting it was tax season and I was working triple overtime and didn't have the time or the energy to stay in touch through my blog. I haven't been able to create content for youtube either.....such a bummer. but I'm getting back to life okay lol!!! SO...Last weekend was the Beautycon Festival in NYC and I can't explain how much fun I had!! It was so many beautiful people and influencers there I couldn't keep up...and FREE STUFF!! If you are curious to see what goes on at the Beautycon fest...check out my vlog below!! ENJOY... (p.s...nevermind the silence around minute 6 in the video...I don't know how that happened lol there's nothing wrong with your device, for some reason the sound went blank...I was just saying how long MAC cosmetics line was...that's all :)   XOXO!!